The Power of Water Project: 2021

Commissioned by Winchester Council and The Pinder Trust

The Power of Water project was commissioned by Winchester Council and The Pinder Trust for a new Sport and Leisure Park in the town.

This was an integral piece of work for the hydrotherapy suite within the leisure park. The users of the hydrotherapy pool were able to enjoy the therapeutic benefit of the water whilst viewing the sculpture surrounding them.

The aim of the sculpture was to mirror the experience of being immersed in the water and the piece showed the stages leading to this.

The first sculpture is in a crouched position signifying the constraints of a disability whilst the second shows the figure beginning to uncurl in response to the water. The third sculpture represents the freedom and unencumbered limbs of the swimmer, whose body is supported, and spirit is free.

The sequence of the trio is named INSPIRIT, being suffused with life and energy.