Michelle Castles is a Lake District-based sculptor who has spent the last 25 years observing the human form and capturing its essence in wire mesh.

"Inspired by figures in motion, Michelle’s work has a living quality that embraces a moment in time."

"The translucency of the mesh gives an ethereal beauty, the illusion of figures transcending the physical and soaring into the spiritual."

"Delicate, beautiful and accessible, her sculptures delight, uplift and engage all who see them."

Michelle Castles – Artist and Sculptor


Michelle Castles is an artist who has been working in the field of sculpture for the last 25 years.


Capoeira Sketches

Pencil sketches for a vibrant sculpture installation on the theme of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. These dynamic sketches capture ideas for the final sculpture.

Life Spiral Sketches

These drawings of individual soaring figures were used as the design for a large public sculpture in West Cumbria hospital.

The Wire Studio

Artist and sculptor Michelle works from her studio close to Ullswater and Helvellyn in the Lake District. Visitors are welcome to The Wire Studio.

Michelle Castles Sketch - Seated Nude 1
Michelle Castles Sketch - Grazing Ram
Michelle Castles Sketch - Seated Nude 2
Artist and Sculptor Michelle Castles in The Wire Studio


“I am a perfectionist – I’m hopelessly addicted to my subject.”

Michelle’s sculptures have a spiritual, living quality; they capture a moment in time – a dive, a sprint, a pirouette. Her trasnformative use of lighting elevates the industrial substrate into a human form with soul.


Michelle Castles with her sculpture The Conductor
Michelle Castles - Close up of the Hirst Sculpture
Artist and Sculptor MIchelle Castles with the Hirst Sculpture

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Get In Touch

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