Capoeira: 2018

Commissioned by Mark Peters, Director of Slush Puppy Ltd

private commission for London – based Mark Peters, director of Slush Puppy, presented an opportunity to create a piece of work based on a subject quite unknown to me.

I always like to spend a lot of time really studying the clients’ brief and understanding what it is they really want.

I had been asked to design something on the theme of Capoeira,  a Brazillian dance/acrobatic martial art, and once I had become familiar with the subject, I was able to use my knowledge of anatomy and movement to create a dynamic sequence.

The large wall space in the apartment was the perfect blank canvas for this sculpture, spanning 4 metres in width.

We can only say what a talented and nice person Michelle is. To take our brief of just a video of Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Then to produce such stunning wire sculptures is truly a lot of hard work, time, passion and creative skill. We can’t thank her enough.”

Mark Peters.