The Hirst Sculpture: 2018

Commissioned by Sedbergh School

There is something very exciting about designing a sculpture for a building that has not yet been built. It means that you get to really make the piece part of the fabric, to co exist with the structure as if it were one with it.

This is exactly how it was when I was asked to consider some dynamic sculptures for a new sports centre.

The client wanted a real ‘wow!’ factor in the reception foyer, so that all who entered the building realised its purpose and felt inspired to get active too.

This place would be a hub for so many different sports, indoor and outdoor, it was felt that the sculpture should not represent any one sport specifically but rather embrace the whole sporting ethos.

I my brief I was given words as guidance, such as: Run, Jump, Throw, Catch, Strike. The figures were meant to assume these actions, but without using any props or sports equipment. Quite a difficult brief but I always enjoy the challenge of something new.

The space along the length of the reception wall was covered entirely with  a deep blue acrylic and lit with Blade lighting, designed to showcase the piece.

The resulting sequence made up of five figures hangs invisably off the wall, creating amazing shadows and reflections.